A Peek Inside Locked Doors

Get the Fuck Out

But I’m serious though in the most unapologetic way…
No knocks on my door but it’s open and there’s a stranger in my home….
You came in uninvited, wiped your dirty feet on my clean floor, and didn’t even concern
yourself enough to close my door…
I could not see myself kicking you out without having even welcomed you in.
Washed your feet using only what steps you took to find me… but forgot to ask you what
direction you see yourself going with or without me…
Gave you some socks to protect your scars of abandonment, the cuts of confusion, the calluses of mismanagement from others…
Lotioned the fears of tomorrow with hopes and dreams of peace and contentment in a home built and meant for you and possibly me…
But then I had to give you some shoes so you could walk out the very door you came in… still open…
Hopefully I fixed with care what your ex couldn’t with those torn bandages of heartache… and loved you the way I shouldn’t to make the wounds heal…
So my get the fuck out won’t hurt you like the footprints you left in my heart, I mean home, do…as I’m closing my door.

Copyrighted 2018 by Tia Deas

Published by figurativekeys

Tia L. Deas was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on July 27, 1992. She grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia and Cocoa, Florida, before settling in Norfolk, Virginia. She is the mother to a handsome son named Tristan Deas. She received her Bachelors of Arts in English Literature in 2016. She will receive her Masters of Arts in Teaching English in December of 2018. She is currently in her second year teaching 6th grade English for Norfolk Public Schools. Tia is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and Order of Eastern Star. Her passion is affecting her community and the world. Tia enjoys reading, playing bingo, and traveling the world. Change is her motivation.

4 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Locked Doors

  1. “Gave you some socks to protect your scars of abandonment, the cuts of confusion, the calluses of mismanagement from others…” ……I felt that. Keep pouring out and drawing others in with expressing of emotions through your words. I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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