Figuratively Speaking, Thank You!


First, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior who loves me more than I love myself and pushes me past the limits I set for myself. I would like to thank my family for their support in my life, but especially my father for his constant support and motivation throughout this writing process. I have to thank Tristan for being the beautiful child that strengthens and motivates me daily. As a teacher, I am motivated and strengthened by my students!

I have the best circle of girlfriends in the world: Laurence Pierre-Louis aka LP, Rhavin, Rika, KellyAnn, Tayleur, Bre, Ruth, Tracy, Naomi, Chelle, Ashley, Natalie, Adama, Jasmine, Breannah, Shaqona, and many many more. Love y’all from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to the extraordinary men in my life: My rocks, Melvin Deas and Tristan Deas, Christopher Spriggs for being the best brother I could possibly have, C. Antwan Bynum, Duffy for constant support, Dylan Dili for always being solid, Everett, Rasheed, Rick, Jarret, Izzy the DJ, Malcolm, and many others that blessed me with life lessons.

My support system was just awesome: My mentor, Sonya Russell, my department head Andrea Taylor, RIH, my Assistant Principal, LaDawn Durant, my strength at school, Ms. Peele, my Hands-On Manager, Kala Funderburk, my assistance in first time self-publishing Fanita Pendleton of Urban Moon Books and many many people who believed in me from jump.

You are appreciated! Thank you!

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