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Death in Companion(ships) 

A little part of me died

When I let go of the fact that no one stays

Yet you’re still here and all in the way

Of my condition to prosper despite the odds

When people leave and say goodbye

My tears no longer fall and I don’t crawl to any doors to beg for more of what I know I can give to myself

The lack of love that I feel is real because they could’ve stayed but if they did, you wouldn’t have come my way and made me fall into this love withdrawal that is based on the physical and mental aspect of not giving up

Yes this girl is tough and tenacity is what I have in my heart to stay together and not fall apart when you finally reach your goal or purpose and tell me that you always knew that I would be better off without you.

A little part of me died.

When I let go of the fact that everyone leaves

Yet you came back around and still give me what you think I need: companionship.

Copyrighted 2018 by Tia Deas

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