Figuratively Speaking, I’m Glad You’re Here

As we relaunch our website, I wanted to dedicate this section to communicating with my readers on what is to be the latest content for the series and for me as an author.

I’ll be focusing a lot on this last part of the series and working a lot to get this content to you all. This was a challenge but so necessary to give to you all. 2022 has for many (including myself) built a lot of rollercoasters emotionally and mentally. This time has given us the knowledge to know that we are not always in control, but we do have the responsibility to control our reactions. The Yes Talk inspiration stems from the feeling that the world around us has continuously told us that “No” is our only option. I write the final installment of the Figurative Keys series to let you know that the world is wrong. Our inner strength and power is so much more than what anyone else can limit us to, Be encouraged, the fight is not over. Figuratively Figuring It Out Part 1 will continue to inspire, shed light, and give hope in this time where we feel we have nowhere to turn. The delivery is on the way, and head to the bookstore to pre-order yourself a copy!