The Keys.

The latest feature in the Figurative Keys series will take you to a place to heal from your familial perspective. We all have family matters, but of course a better word would be problems. Here we have a place to unravel our minds and find ways to solve them before they become our personal problems. I just have suggestions, some thoughts, and revelations to get to the root of why and how to effectively make sure we deal and heal from our family matters. Pre-Sale available now!
Self-Published author Tia Deas is back with her third book of the Figurative Keys series: A Guide to Overcoming. After the success of Locked Doors and Toxic Cycles, Tia has decided to address a topic that she and many other people are learning to navigate through: Hardship. An opportunity to learn skills and methods to overcome the advertises of life with the same tenacity that you face your daily problems with. More reflective and transparent in this book, Tia allowed you to see the world through her eyes as a single mother and college student learning to master everything life threw at her. Excerpts from masters of life are also included in the book! Pre-order your copy today, Overcome Hardship, yes you definitely will!

Those developed dependent habits that developed into toxic cycles. Growing and glowing into new season in my life invited new opportunities for me to blossom, but not understanding what was holding me back was the very thing keeping me from moving forward. Reaching out and teaching what kept me down CAN and WILL only bring you up. This book is an interactive opportunity for you to find effective steps to keep you moving forward. Allow yourself to grow in this 30 day challenge with me.
If you don’t understand how to love yourself, you will NEVER understand how to love anyone else.
I’ve gone through stages of life feeling like I’ve always needed someone. I never took the time to deal with myself before allowing people in to deal with the inadequate parts of me. I wanted to reach out and teach the lessons I’ve learned in my solitude, in a way that grows and shows you just how powerful you are. This book is an interactive opportunity for you to find the self love we have all searched for at some point and time in OUR own lives. Come take this journey to self-love with me.
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