Figurative Keys to Locked Doors



If you don’t understand how to love yourself, you will NEVER understand how to love anyone else.

I’ve gone through stages of life feeling like I’ve always needed someone. I never took the time to deal with myself before allowing people in to deal with the inadequate parts of me. I wanted to reach out and teach the lessons I’ve learned in my solitude, in a way that grows and shows you just how powerful you are. This book is an interactive opportunity for you to find the self love we have all searched for at some point and time in OUR own lives. Come take this journey to self-love with me.

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6 thoughts on “Figurative Keys to Locked Doors

  1. Amazing, enlightening, and just straight-up real easy-read. Now I pride myself on not needing people and being self-sufficient, but reading this book shined light on areas I am vulnerable in, gave me ideas on how to accept them, and seek improvement in this self-love journey. Tia the author and the young lady in general are wonderfully unforgettable and just knowing her in any capacity will inspire you.

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  2. I’m inspired by anyone that takes the opportunity to share what’s on there mind in order to help someone else. Continue to be a blessing. Much love and respect. #Champlife

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