Figurative Keys to Toxic Cycles

“I was going through stages of life feeling like I always needed someone.


Those developed dependent habits that developed into toxic cycles. Growing and glowing into new season in my life invited new opportunities for me to blossom, but not understanding what was holding me back was the very thing keeping me from moving forward. Reaching out and teaching what kept me down CAN and WILL only bring you up. This book is an interactive opportunity for you to find effective steps to keep you moving forward. Allow yourself to grow in this 30 day challenge with me.


It takes 21 days to form a habit, good or bad! Take this 30 day challenge to build positive habits towards a healthy mind and soul.


2 thoughts on “Figurative Keys to Toxic Cycles

  1. The genuine nature of this book makes it easy to read and it has simple messages that can applied to people of any background. Definitely a must read if your goal is a better self.


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